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"if u love a flower don't pick it up. because if u pick it up it dies and ceases to be what u love. so if u love a flower, let it be. love is not about possession. love is about appreciation." -osho


if i’m dealing with a nigga and i’m feeling him or whatever…. a huge deal breaker for me would be hearing him talk shit about other black women. like i don’t care how cute u are or how great u suck my titties or how great ur stroke game is. dissing black women is like dissing my mother, my sisters etc. A L S O if u dissing us and ur a black man it’s clearly evident to me that u don’t love urself so how can u ever learn to love M E ? ? ? 


me complimenting someone: BITCCCHHH BItchHH B I T C H!!!! CAN U FUCKING let me live my life?! TURN ON UR LOCATION SO U CAN CATCH THESE HANDS FOR LOOKING SO FUCKING GOOD! what In The Hell?! LIKE PLEASE!!!!


hood niggas go for the quiet low-key nerdy cute bitch in the back of the class room with the curly hair and drawings in ha notebook! 

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friend: u high?
me: *reacts 10 seconds later* the fuck? no bitch

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